Who We Are

Eikon University is an institution founded in 2015 with the aim of preparing people to work effectively in the job market. It has a global perspective, is attentive to changes in society, industry, culture and education, offering a diversified academic program that is challenging, innovative and stimulating.

We transform lives, preparing them to pursue academic excellence, professional efficiency, engaging them in a diverse world and sustaining a respectable mission in the world.


Eikon Leadership

Eikon’s leadership is responsible for the strategic vision of the university. It promotes collaboration across the University and manages changes in policies and practices that affect the academic life of the university as a whole.

It is composed of:

Academic Council

Richard D. Rudebock
Danny B. Reeder


Prepare people in an effective, committed and contextualized way to work successfully in the job market.


To be a great teaching institution, present around the world and, contribute to the successful performance in the academic and professional life of the students and collaborators who pass through it.


– To foster academic excellence to improve the knowledge.

– To provide an international experience.

– To build a global vision.

– To train committed and contextualized leaders.

– To develop social commitment.

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