Our History

Eikon University is an institution founded in 2015 with the purpose of preparing students to work effectively in the job market. It has a global perspective and is attentive to the changes in society, industry, culture and education, offering diversified academic programs that are challenging, innovative and stimulating.

Our Goal

Eikon University offers individualized support and guidance to help students to develop their skills and achieve success. You, student, is our major priority and your educational success, our most important goal. Together we will grow and develop our knowledge through a teaching methodology envisioned for you to achieve your academic potential. Count on us and let us get ready for a world of new possibilities.

Mission Statement

Prepare people in an effective, committed and contextualized way to work successfully in the job market. We strive for academic excellence and inclusiveness to serve the people, the community and society.


To be an institution intended to contribute to the successful performance in the academic and professional life of students and collaborators who become involved with it.


- To foster academic excellence by offering high quality level education to graduate, doctoral and professional students
- To train and develop engaged leaders to the job market
- To create in students a contextualized and global vision of the world market and its most current possibilities
- Serve the global community, valuing the ethical and moral values of a diverse society

Degree Benefits