• Personal and professional enhancement;
  • Academic and scientific deepening;
  • Highly qualified doctors and postdoctors;
  • Innovative educational proposal;
  • Inverted classroom;
  • Curricular Equivalence with all Brazilian universities;
  • Diploma valid for recognition in all Brazilian universities;
  • Content formatted and customized by Blackboard, one of the largest educational platforms in the world;
  • Pedagogical proposal with flexible classes, allowing students to study where, how and when they want;
  • Plan of tutoring appropriate to the program of post and specialization chosen
  • Support and student support throughout the chosen program through
  • Doctors and postdoctors;
  • Teachers and counselors always available before and after studies on the platforms
  • Dedicated team of mentors better known as “Counselor of Educational
  • Guidance or Counselor of Educational Guidance, who will always be available for the counseling and guidance of the exchange student.
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