Objectives of the Program:

The Eikon University Postgraduate Program in Law has as general objective the training of masters and doctors qualified to practice teaching and scientific and philosophical research in the field of Law, as well as in the professional field, especially with regard to its area of ​​concentration, with the formation of critical and reflexive thinking around the Law and related or related realities.


Target Audience: Eikon University’s avant-garde and excellence permeates the whole learning process and research development. So our future masters and doctors are those who want a solid foundation of knowledge that can be applied both in professional life and in education.


Area of ​​concentration: Fundamental Law and state.


Research lines:


1) The Implementation of Fundamental Rights and Public Policies.

2) The Legal Protection of Fundamental Rights.

3) Society, Conflict and Social Movements.

4) Transformations in the Social and Economic Order and Regulation.

  CréditosCarga Horária
Philosophy of law464
Sociology of Law and State464
General Theory of Law464
Theory of Fundamental Rights464
Related searches464
Legal and Economic Order from the perspective of Fundamental Rights464
Administrative Law and Legal Protection of Fundamental Rights464
Methodology of Legal Education232
Theory of Argumentation232
Criminal Procedural Protection of Fundamental Rights232
Fundamental Rights of the Contributor264
Social Control of Finance232
Constitutional Hermeneutics232
Rights of the Personality232
Themes of Law, Internet and Society232