Public Management

Objectives of the Program:

The mission of the Program is the production of cutting-edge creative research and the training of researchers with scientific ability, methodological knowledge and critical ability. It is understood that the research is guided by rigorous scientific methods that support the results achieved, with reproductive capacity and contribution to the progress of science. According to the nature of the problems, the researches assume positivist or interpretative characteristics, having the researchers the freedom in the methodological choice.

Thus, the general objective of the Doctoral and Master’s Program in Administration of Eikon University is the generation of new knowledge and the training of doctors and masters with skills in the development of teaching, research and innovation in the Administration area.

Target Audience:

Professionals who want to improve their knowledge of the areas of finance, decision support and strategy and who aim for a strategic evolution in their careers.

Concentration area:

– Strategy

It prepares professionals to understand and intervene in the main organizational dynamics related to strategy, innovation, marketing, people management, business processes, information systems, decision making and Sustainability.

– Accounting and Finance

For professionals that aim to develop their knowledge in capital markets and corporate finance, including concepts, techniques and tools for asset pricing, risk management, corporate governance, banking and corporate regulation, and investment analysis.

Research lines:

1) Accounting and Finance;

2) Organizations, Strategy and Sustainability.

Epistemology of Research in Administration and Controllership464
Theory of Organizations464
Theory of Accounting464
Multivariate Data Analysis464
Financial Accounting464
Organizational behavior464
Environmental Accounting232
Corporate social responsibility232
Operations Strategy232
Information Technology Management232
Innovation and Sustainability232
Marketing strategies232
Organizational Change Management232
Production Chains232