Public Security

Objectives of the Program:

Our master’s and doctoral degrees aim to question violence production practices and provide subsidies for the elaboration and management of strategic public policies for crime prevention and control that may contribute to decision-making processes in the field of public security.

Target Audience: Candidates with higher education in any area of ​​knowledge, provided that the research project they will develop after entering the course is related to one of the two research lines of the Program

Concentration area:

  1. Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship: This line studies and problematizes, in an interdisciplinary perspective, public security policies and investigates issues related to human rights and the promotion of justice as an affirmation of life, human dignity and citizenship, incorporating themes related to the Inclusive Policies of Special Education, Gender, Sexualities and Ethnic-racial relations, and consequent control of the advancement of a culture of violence.


  1. Social, economic and territorial perspective of criminology: This line articulates studies based on Criminological Theories, combining knowledge from several disciplines, namely Sociology, Economics, Geography, Urbanism, Social Work, Psychology, History, Law, Education and Administration. It carries out studies, therefore, in an interdisciplinary approach, of various manifestations of violence and of criminality in order to understand its causes and to point out new ways of society to control these manifestations.

Research lines:

1) Justice, human rights and citizenship;

2) Social, economic and territorial perspective of criminology.

Planning and Public Management464
Legal Knowledge Applied to Public Security464
Society, Citizenship and Violence in Contemporaneity464
Socio-psychological approach to violence and crime464
Criminology and Contemporary Criminological Trends464
Diversity, Conflict and Public Security464
Human Rights and Fundamental Rights464
Statistics and Criminal Analysis232
Information, Technology and Knowledge Management in Public Security464
Ethics and Citizenship232
Public Security Intelligence232
Prevention and Sociology of Crime232
Scientific methodology232