Master Degree in Public Administration

Objectives of the Program:


To meet the growing demand characterized by strong professional activity in segments of the world public sector, Eikon University at the forefront of its time offered its master’s and doctorate in Public Management in order to transfer knowledge to public organizations and society.


Target Audience: The objective of the course is to train leaders in the global public sector, enabling new masters and doctors to provide consulting, management or public management functions, as well as advancing academic career.


Concentration area:



The Public Policy research line seeks to analyze the cycles of formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies and programs and the effects that institutions and political systems exert in these processes. It includes the new approaches in public policies: intersectorality, social networks and transversality. It privileges empirical analyzes in areas such as social policies, technological innovation, public safety, environment and sustainability, public finances, population and citizenship. Development orientation is present in disciplines related to social, economic and cultural policies.



The research line of Governance and Public Administration seeks to understand the dynamics of administration, from an intra and interorganizational approach. The intra-organizational dimensions address topics such as budgeting, planning, governmental and organizational analyzes, innovation and governance of public organizations. The focus of governance is present in the study of the dynamics of State-Society relations, focusing on social management and new forms of provision and management of public services, through partnerships with the private sector or third sector, as well as administration and development.


Research lines:


1) Public Policies

2) Governance and Public Administration

3) Public Policies & Governance and Public Administration

Dr. Edgar Melchor Duarte Vargas

Master in Economics with specialization in Corporate Finance; Master in Taxation – INCOME TAX; (FIU – USA); Bachelor in Economics from FACE / UFMG; Investment Analyst – IBMEC / BH; Graduated in Business Administration and Accounting – UP / PTY. He has worked as a university professor for more than 22 years. Extensive experience in the foreign exchange market (commodites), Project Finance in Brazil and Financial markets USA, as Doctor in Finance, and Lecturer for SETES as a professor of Theological teaching. Doctor in Theology in the Monergy and Theonomy of Knowledge of God.


Public policy 4 64
Theories of Public Administration 4 64
Government, State and Society 4 64
Research Methodology 4 64
Budget in the Public Sector 4 64
Organizations, Diversity and Labor Relations 4 64
Planning of Public Organizations 4 64
Public Policies and Population 2 32
Defense Policies and Military Organizations 4 64
Evidence-Based Public Policy Design 2 32
Quantitative Methods Applied to Public Sector Decision Making 2 32
Public Policies, Environment and Sustainability 2 32
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability 2 32
TOTAL 53 848
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