Our Programs

Through our programs, we offer students personalized learning experiences that prepare them with the knowledge and resources to succeed and impact the world. Our programs are developed by a team that uses the convergence of what is most relevant in political-pedagogical theories with the new information and communication technologies. From this convergence was built the Pedagogical Project of Courses (PPC) by doctors who specialize in several areas of knowledge that directed the curricular structures to the modal interdisciplinarity of each program. These are master and doctoral programs that offer a set of skills and competences to be developed by the student, from theoretical references that guide the development of knowledge, leading each student to absorb, develop and implement the knowledge in the main currents of their concentration areas.

Our Programs


Our Graduate Programs are concentrated in several areas of knowledge, among them: Master’s and Doctorate in…

Business School Program

Eikon University’s business school program has a global vision. It shares the work shoulder-to-shoulder, with analytical and…

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Program was created to develop skills and potentialities in specific areas, produced from…

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