Objectives of the Program:

  • To train masters and doctors with skills in development, management, and reflection of the elements that make up the science of education;
  • Encourage the deepening of teaching-learning and academic-pedagogical training;
  • To train researchers in the education area, focused on the multiplicity of cognition, open to public policies and interdisciplinary dialogue.

Target audience: Higher-level graduates, interested in developing their activities in the area of ​​Education with skills to develop, manage and reflect on teaching-learning and educational research.

Area of ​​concentration: Education, Culture, and Education formation.

Research lines:

1) Subject, Training, and Learning

2) Public Policies and History of Education

3) Education, Communication, and Technologies

4) Teacher Training, Curriculum, and Pedagogical Practices

The Selective Process you be downloaded from the link and will consist of proof of proficiency and evaluation of the Lattes curriculum.

Entries must be made at the program secretariat through the link Selective Process.


  • Theories of Modern and Contemporary Education
  • Epistemologies and Education
  • Scientific Research Methodology
  • Dissertation
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Research Seminar 1
  • Research Seminar 2
    History of Education


  • Educational Policies
  • Thematic Studies in Distance Education
  • Didactics of Higher Education
  • Quantitative Research in Education
  • Inclusive Education
  • Languages, Education ​​and Technology
  • Education, Citizenship and Public Policies
  • Curriculum: Planning and Process
  • Management of Distance Education
  • Scientific Production
  • Themes in Pedagogical Practices
  • Policies and Organization of Brazilian Education
  • Education Teacher Training: Professional Context