Master Degree

Eikon University is a center of excellence for Master's and Doctoral Degrees. The University promotes both presential or distance learning education programs with global reach through guided independent study, videos, online classes with qualified faculty and cutting-edge technology. Our programs are focused on the areas of Education, Public Health, Public management, Public Security, Law, Administration and Executive Training. Classes are designed in online format to fit your life schedule, providing you the opportunity to conduct your studies in an guided, but independent, way.

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You will receive your diploma from a center of excellence in master's and doctoral degrees from an American Institution, located in Orlando, Florida.

Partner's associates receive 15% discount
on all monthly

Students from all around the world can
engage in classes with a
range of courses and
program options.

Presential or online, 100% distance learning courses if needed.

Classes offered
in Portuguese
and English.

Easy access
to faculty
and staff.

Flexible schedule
and ease of

Our Courses

Our programs are designed to offer students personalized training experiences with a team of professors prepared with the most relevant pedagogical techniques involving their areas of expertise. With a team of doctors specialized in various areas of knowledge, Eikon University has built a Pedagogical Project of Courses (PPC)  that direct the curricular structure of each program.  

Our master’s and doctorate degrees offer students the set of skills necessary to guide the development of knowledge, leading each student to grow in their personal concentration areas. At Eikon university you will be challenged to achieve your maximum potential.

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